Chinese Christian Church of Baltimore

Enlarge your tent, expand your boundaries (Isaiah 54:1-3)

Chinese Christian Church of Baltimore - Enlarge your tent, expand your boundaries (Isaiah 54:1-3)

(English) 01-06-2019 中文堂報告

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1.  2019年執事事工分配如下 — 主席: 江振華弟兄;副主席兼英文事工: 余國遠弟兄; 中文團契兼中文宣教: 王崇營弟兄;中文基督教教育: 呂康壽弟兄;英文宣教: 吳秀群姐妹;午餐/交通接送: 宋培林弟兄;總務/建築: 王小兵弟兄;兒童事工: 于楠弟兄;中文關懷及中文家庭事工:  姚國芳姐妹與陳小媚姐妹   ;中文崇拜:  沈崑如弟兄;校園事工:  史國利弟兄。願  神使用他們成為忠心的好管家。

Duties and positions of 2019 deacons are as follow– Chair: Bro. Zhenhua Jiang; Vice Chair & English Ministry: Bro. Moses Yee; Chinese Fellowship & Chinese Missions: Bro. John Wang; Chinese Christian Education: Bro. Kangshou Lu; English Missions: Sis. Debbie Ing; Lunch/Transportation: Bro. Peilin Song; General/Building: Bro. James Wang; Children’s Ministry: Bro. Nan Yu; Chinese Caring & Chinese Family Ministry: Sis. Brenda Moy & Sis. Carol Eng; Chinese Worship: Bro. William Shen; Campus Ministry: Bro. Guoli Shi. May they be good and faithful stewards of the Lord.

2. 中文崇拜部與中文團契部共同邀請各團契推薦新的中文崇拜服侍人員 (繼續參與的不計)。基本條件是已受洗、願意每年至少參加一次有關培訓、有甘心樂意捨己服侍的心志和態度。服侍內容包括已受洗弟兄姐妹可以參予的司琴、音控、攝像、攝影、投影播放、國語詩班、粵語詩班、聖樂小組、敬拜讚美組,教會會員可以參予的翻譯、招待,和教會會員滿一年以上可以參予的領詩等。請各團契主席盡快與王崇營、沈崑如兩位執事聯繫。謝謝!

Chinese Worship and Fellowship Department would like to invite each fellowship to recommend new volunteers for the Chinese Worship Service. Qualifications are: (a) already baptized (b) willing to attend related training (at least once a year) and (c) willing to serve sacrificially. Positions open are pianist, audio/video/photography/PowerPoint personnel, Mandarin/Cantonese choirs, sacred music team, and worship team. Church membership are required for ushers and interpreters. Worship leaders are required to be church members for at least a year. Fellowship chairs, please contact Deacon John Wang or Deacon William Shen on this ASAP. Thanks.

3. 中文崇拜部將於 1/26/2019 舉辦一年一度的崇拜同工培訓。10-12點「心意更新、崇拜更新」特別培訓,12-1點崇拜部提供午餐,1-2點 按服侍崗位分組培訓及禱告。請所有新老同工務必預留時間參加。謝謝!因故缺席的,需在二月參加補訓。

Chinese Worship Department will host an annual coworker training on January 26th, from 10 a.m.-12 p.m. Theme: “Renewing Mind, Renewing Worship”; 12-1 p.m., lunch provided; 1-2 p.m., small group training and prayer (based on service tasks). All existing and new Worship department coworkers must attend. For those who missed this training with legitimate reasons, attending a make-up session in February is mandatory. 請通過電郵報名 Please RSVP via。

4. 2019 教會新春慶祝晚會將於2/9週六晚上6點舉行,請弟兄姐妹預留時間並多多邀請福音朋友参加。

The 2019 Chinese New Year celebration will be held on Feb 9th (Saturday) at 6:00 p.m. Please reserve that night and invite seeker friends to attend.

5. 感謝主與弟兄姐妹送愛去洪都拉斯貧苦家庭的捐款,另外主辦者「生命希望全球事工」請求教會肢體繼續助養當地的孤兒,有負擔者請至大堂外桌上察看孤兒照片、填寫「助養單」、並且郵寄至「生命希望全球事工」;也請大家繼續為洪都拉斯異象之旅跟進事工禱告。

Thank the Lord and the brothers and sisters for our love donations to poor families in Honduras. In addition, the organizer, “Living Hope Global Ministries (LHGM)” requests to continue our sponsor of the local orphans. If you have the burden, please go to the lobby outside, look at the photos of orphan on the table, fill out the “SPONSOR CARD “, and mail to LHGM; please also continue to pray for the follow up of Honduras Vision trip.