Chinese Christian Church of Baltimore

Enlarge your tent, expand your boundaries (Isaiah 54:1-3)

Chinese Christian Church of Baltimore - Enlarge your tent, expand your boundaries (Isaiah 54:1-3)


Vision and Mission statement

Remembering the Greatest Commandment, and Carrying out the Great Commission to advance the gospel with one accord of seven hearts (Faithful, Love, Passion, Humble, Pure, Persistence, and One Accord)

Matthew 22:37-39; Matthew 28:19-20

Missions Strategies:

1. To carry out the Great Commission, we encourage brothers and sisters to be willing to make the following their goal:

           I and Missions

My mission, my prayer, my participation, my action,

spreading gospel, bearing fruits, glorifying God.

2. To achieve the following acknowledgement through pastor’s preaching and discipleship training:

• Understanding the Lord is the Commander of the mission army
• Each Christian should be a good soldier of Jesus Christ
– Individual  Gospel Preaching
• Each Christian family should be the instrument of Gospel -Family Gospel sharing
• Each Fellowship should be the team of the mission – short term mission, and missionary support
• Our CCCB is the base for carrying out the Great Commission-Evangelistic /Missions Meeting, Training, and Resources support

3. 127 Movement: For each family, within 12 months, praying and identifying at least 7 non-believers, spreading gospel to these non-believers, inviting them to your family and fellowship, Sunday school Gospel Seeker class and attending Worship service.

Missions Organization:

• Mission Strategic committee
• Mission Executive Committee

Missions Ministries
• Coordinating and evaluating Missionaries and Mission Organizations’ financial support
• Local Mission Ministries (Establishing Baltimore Chinese School Ministry)
• Oversees Mission Ministries
• Coordinating church Evangelistic Meetings and Mission Conference
• Organizing Gospel Seeker bible study class