Chinese Christian Church of Baltimore

"Knowing Jesus Christ and Preaching the Gospel"

Chinese Christian Church of Baltimore - "Knowing Jesus Christ and Preaching the Gospel"

Caring & Visitation

The Caring and Visitation ministry is a hands-on ministry that reaches out to both the members of this congregation and the community around us. Our focuses are: the sick, the hurting, seekers or non-believers and members who have been absent from church due to various reasons.

Our mission is to motivate all members of our church to participate in visitation, be it formally or informally.

Visitation is our main ministry even though we are also involved in other ways of caring. We also offer English classes to those would like to learn the language (especially those from overseas) so that they can better communicate with their neighbors. We also organize the annual Church picnic so that the members can get to know each other better.

This year, the annual Church picnic will be at Rock State Park on June 23rd. The Reservation has been confirmed. We will share more details when the date grows closer.

We have started the English Language class since January 29th. It is held at 1.30pm every Sunday after the service.

A training session for visitation was conducted by Pastor Shen on March 10, 2012. We were thrilled that over twenty brothers and sisters attended this training. Visitation groups are formed based on the following: member’s language or dialects, cultural background and often by generation (similar age).

If you would like to join the visitation team or if you have any questions, please contact Sister Brenda Moy at