Chinese Christian Church of Baltimore

Enlarge your tent, expand your boundaries (Isaiah 54:1-3)

Chinese Christian Church of Baltimore - Enlarge your tent, expand your boundaries (Isaiah 54:1-3)

2015 Summer Retreat





 Theme: “Enlarge your tent, expand your boundaries” (Isaiah 54:1-3)

Dates: Friday night (8/14/2015) to Sunday noon (8/16/2015)

Speakers: Pastor Daniel Au (English) , Pastor Zhiqiu Xu (Chinese)

Location: Skycroft Retreat Center| Skycroft website |

9621 Frostown Road,Middletown, MD 21769  phone  (800) 536-6759




UPDATED (August 13, 2015):

退修会敬拜诗歌 Retreat  Worship Songs (Chinese)

Opening Worship:

Above All 神羔羊   youtube

Fri PM

1. 我的神, 我的父, 我的磐石  youtube

2. 是誰       youtube

3. 輕輕聽    youtube

回应诗歌: 恩典之路    youtube

Sat AM

1. 耶穌!耶穌    youtube

2. 因著十架愛/十字架    因著十架愛-生命河靈糧堂   youtube

十字架    youtube

3. 愛中相遇     youtube

回应诗歌: 思念主爱   youtube

Sat PM

1. 一切歌颂赞美   youtube

2. 耶和華神已掌權   youtube

3. 阿爸父    youtube

回应诗歌: 復興聖潔    youtube

Sun AM

1. 我們成為一家人    youtube   音樂

2. 我的心你要稱頌耶和華    youtube

3. 我們呼求     youtube

回应诗歌: 愛,喜樂,生命    youtube

序曲  Prelude(Play youtube)

下载退修会诗歌PPT:  2015 Church Retreat Songs ppt

下载退修会诗歌歌词:  Music sheets for Retreat songs



UPDATED (August 10, 2015):

Important Notes for the retreat attendees:

2015 CCCB Retreat Schedule 退修会程序表 


(1) 退修会提供从周五晚餐到周日午餐的餐食(自助餐),以及提供周五周六的住宿。周五晚餐时间为7:00-8:00 PM。 周日9:00AM前退房,延迟者每人需交$15。
(2) 住处分为旅馆式房间(由私人浴室和被单毛巾等)和集体房(双层床,公用浴室,有枕头、毛毯,但无被单、毛巾)。因为我们只预定到少量旅馆式房间,大部分人将住在集体房。所以如果你没有得到特别通知的话,请自备被单、毛巾、肥皂、洗漱用品。
(3) 请自备圣经,笔记簿、笔等,另外携带适合户外活动的衣服鞋子,以及游泳衣、防晒霜、驱虫剂等。健康欠佳者请自带服用的药物。
(4) 请不要带ipads, CD players, video games等电子娱乐物品。禁止携带烟酒、毒品、枪支、刀具等。退修会营地内完全禁烟。


(1) The retreat will offer six meals (buffet style), and accommodation of two nights. Friday (8/14 ) dinner is provided at 7:00—8:00 pm. Check out must be done before 9:00 AM Sunday. late check-out $15/person.
(2) There are two types of accommodations: Motel rooms with two full-size beds (linens provided) and Lodges with bunk-style beds (blankets and pillows are provided but no sheets ). Since only 18 motel rooms are available to CCCB, most attendees will stay in lodges. If you don’t get special notice from the logistics team, please bring your own sheets, towels, tooth brush etc.
(3) Please bring Bible, note paper, pen, suitable outdoor clothing and shoes, swimming suit, toiletries / Sun block lotion / insect repellant etc. Please bring own medicine if needed.
(4) Please do NOT bring music devices (iPods, CD players, etc.), video games, cigarettes, alcohol, tobacco products, illegal drugs, pets, guns, knives, or weapons of any kind. Please do NOT bring clothing that promotes drugs, alcohol, smoking & tobacco use, sex, violence, or foul language. Smoking is PROBHIBITED on retreat grounds (inside AND outside)

2015 Summer Retreat Booklet is available now!

DOWNLOAD: 2015 退修会手册 CCCB retreat Booklet



The registration closed.

  1. On site: Front desk @ CCCB – June 7th, 2015 to July 19th, 2015OR
  2. Drop the registration forms (with deposit check) into the offering box.

2015 Registration Q & A (English)     2015 Registration Q & A (Chinese)

  • Free for CCCB members and their families
  • Availability is limited, first come first served

Registration Forms:

Who: everyone, all ages (day attendees are welcomed)

Meals: Included (Friday Dinner@7pm to Sunday Lunch)

Transportation: Contact Registration team if rides are needed.

Contacts: For more information, please contact Wendy Xia, Guoli Shi, Tim Kwong, or Tong Shen.