Chinese Christian Church of Baltimore

Enlarge your tent, expand your boundaries (Isaiah 54:1-3)

Chinese Christian Church of Baltimore - Enlarge your tent, expand your boundaries (Isaiah 54:1-3)

Chinese Ministries


1. 今天有十二位弟兄姐妹以受洗來見證主恩,陳學錦,陳燕雲,陳燕月, 樂玲玲/郁維雲, 林秀蘭,史蘭英, 楊飛龍/張惠, 楊仙玉,葉玉梅, 張繼琴。崇拜後請受洗者在貴賓桌共用午餐,並交待注意事項,然後1:30 p.m.在大堂先有受洗見證,然後到真道樓施浸,請大家一起來共沐主恩。
* Candidates for today’s baptism are: Xuejin Chen, Amy Chen, Nancy Chen, Lingling Le/Weiyun Yu, Xiulan Lin, Lanying Shi, Feilong Yang/Hui Zhang, Xianyu Yang, Yumei Ye, Jiqin Zhang. Baptismal service will begin at 1:30 p.m. in the sanctuary with testimonies, and to the Logos Bldg for baptism. During lunch, please sit at the table reserved for guests to receive more instructions.

2. 從7/22/2007開始,中文成人主日學士每拿班已經走過了整整十個年頭。十年來共開設了十五門主日學課程,內容涵蓋從創世紀到啟示錄的絕大部份。參加課程的人數超過7200人次。請禱告求主繼續使用這個課程來榮耀祂的名。
Since the beginning of July 22, 2007, the Chinese Adult Sunday Smyrna Class has been through a full ten years, and in the past ten years a total of fifteen Sunday courses have been opened, and the courses covered the most content ranging from Genesis to Revelation. The number of participants is more than 7200 people totally. Please pray to the Lord to continually use this class to glorify His name.

3. 歡迎弟兄姊妹全家參加於本週六(七月二十九日)提前於五點半開始進行的中英雙語家庭品質時間及其分享。內容有簡餐,詩歌,禱告,家人彼此感恩/分享/認罪,家庭品質時間心得分享等。請在會後填寫無記名問卷。也請各家帶點心在會後分享。如有問題,請洽教會辦公室。同時,教會在下午四點到五點半開設三個專題/座談(1)“兒女的家”,特別服務年長的弟兄姐妹,請邀請伯父伯母參加。(2)“如何教養青少年走當走的路?“(3)針對青少年的”知道和處理你的中國父母(十幾歲)“。

Please bring your whole family to attend the bilingual Family Quality Time and Sharing Night starting at 5:30pm on July 29. We will provide sandwiches, sing together, have ACTS prayers, allow intra-family thanksgiving/ sharing/ confessing, and have people share on-stage. Please complete the anonymous questionnaire afterwards. Please also bring snacks to share at the end. Contact church office for questions.

The church will also offer three workshops from 4:00-5:30pm: (1) “Children’s House”, for seniors (2) “How to lead youth on the right path”, for parents of teens (3) “Knowing and dealing with your Chinese parents”, for teens.

4. 英文退修會將於8/11-13在賓州的Black Rock退修中心舉行。 主題是持續的靈命成長,由Byung Ham牧師主領。 參加者請到大堂外註冊。
The English Retreat will be held August 11-13 at Black Rock Retreat Center in Quarryville, PA. The theme is Continuing Spiritual Growth, with guest speaker Pastor Byung Ham. Registration is available in the lobby.

5. 青少年退修會將於8/16-18 在舉行,去年冬天我們曾在那裡度過美好的時光。如果您感興趣,請盡快聯絡唐牧師註冊,我們只剩下15個空位。
River Valley Ranch (August 16-18th) for our youth retreat. If you are interested, please contact Pastor Tom as soon as possible for registration. We have only 15 spots available. Everyone had a great time last winter.

6. 今年巴爾的摩各校園新生接機已經開始,目前已經超過200位新生需要接機。如果你願意參與, 請盡快與薛萍姊妹 (240-274-6107) 或周輝弟兄(404-654-0688)聯絡。
Currently over 200 new incoming Chinese students need pick up from the airport. If you wish to help in this ministry, please contact Sis. Ping Xue or Bro. Eric Zhou as soon as possible.