Chinese Christian Church of Baltimore

Enlarge your tent, expand your boundaries (Isaiah 54:1-3)

Chinese Christian Church of Baltimore - Enlarge your tent, expand your boundaries (Isaiah 54:1-3)

Chinese Ministries

1. 教會正在整理2017通訊錄,請大家到大堂外的通訊資料桌核對並簽名,資料收集將到3/19截止,請互相通知。新加入者請到辦公室登記。
* The 2017 church directory is being updated. Please review your contact information displayed on the table in the foyer and revise as necessary. If there is no change, please initial next to your entry. If your contact information is not currently in the directory and you would like it included, please come to the church office. The cutoff date is Mar. 19 to revise or add information.

2. 明天 (2/20 週一) 午聚餐後,真糧團契月會慶祝農曆新年,由梅琳娜姊妹帶領詩歌遊戲等節目,歡迎參加,
Tomorrow at noon, True Bread Fellowship will hold a Chinese New Year celebration meeting with songs and games led by sister Nina.

3. 復活節浸禮將於4/16 聯合崇拜後舉行。若你已接受耶穌為救主,請在大堂外簽名並參加 2/26 開始每主日 9:45 a.m. 在真道樓219室的受洗班,授課老師是鍾琪玲姐妹 。
* If you have recently accepted Jesus as your Savior, and desire to be baptized on Easter Sunday (4/16), please sign up at the info table and attend the seven-session baptismal classes starting 2/26 at 9:45 a.m., in Room 219, led by Sis. Cathy Lee.

4. 中文主日學下主日 (2/26) 將新開為期八週的“家庭祭壇班”,目的是增強家人的關係,靈裡的相交,基督化家庭。歡迎參加。
* An 8-week Chinese Sunday School class, Family Altar, will start on 2/26. The purpose is to help each family to build a closer relationship among all members of the family through Bible reading, prayer, songs and sharing. All parents are invited.

5. 中文主日學3/5將開始新的課程《新約一般書信》,採用吳存仁老師的士每拿影視教材,共30課時,內容覆蓋《希伯來書》到《啟示錄》。地點在真道樓216室,由史國利弟兄帶領。歡迎大家積極參加。
A new Sunday School class will begin on March 5. It is a 30-lesson course on the General Epistles of the New Testament, from Hebrews to Revelation. The class will be led by Bros. Guoli Shi and Kangshou Lu in Logos Bldg, Room #216. All are welcome.

5. 你/妳喜歡孩童嗎?願意藉著兒童看顧及教兒童主日學來服事我們的神嗎?對兒童事工有負擔或有興趣的,請聯絡沈師母410-274-0890,謝謝!
* Do you like children? Would you like to serve our God through taking care of the children and teaching the children’s Sunday School? Please Contact Mrs. Helen Shen at 410-274-0890.Thank you!

6. 中文主日崇拜完後,在大堂有20分鐘的禱告,歡迎大家留步,彼此代禱。
Immediately after the Chinese worship services, there will be twenty minutes of prayer time in the sanctuary. Everyone is welcome to stay and pray.