Chinese Christian Church of Baltimore

"Knowing Jesus Christ and Preaching the Gospel"

Chinese Christian Church of Baltimore - "Knowing Jesus Christ and Preaching the Gospel"

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報告事項  News and Announcements

1. 吉爾吉斯斯坦短宣將於今天(10/29)下午1:00在真道樓禮堂分享宣教過程和心得。歡迎大家参加。

The STM team has a Kyrgyzstan Missions trip presentation at the Logos stage area, at 1:00 p.m. today (10/29). Everyone is invited.


 2. 2017會員大會將於11/19(主日)中文主日崇拜後舉行。議程有年度事工報告、明年財務預算、執事選舉並更新唐福倫牧師的合約等,請所有會員準時參加崇拜及會員大會。

The 2017 Annual Congregational Meeting will be held on 11/19 (Sunday) after Chinese worship service. Agenda include ministry reports, 2018 budget, deacons’ election, and the renewal of Rev. Thomas Tofilon’s contract etc. All members, please be on time.

3. 會員如對週年紀念通訊錄有興趣,可向辦公室購買,每本$5.00.

The office has extra copies of the Anniversary Photo Directory. Members can purchase them for $5 (at cost.).

 4. 英文詩班將於每主日下午1:10 – 2:00在真道樓講台前練習聖誕詩,有興趣參與的弟兄姊妹請與唐福倫師母聯絡。

English Choir rehearsals have started for this Christmas and you are welcome to join us!  We rehearse every Sunday at 1:10-2:00 p.m in the Logos stage area.  Please see Julie Tofilon for more details.

 5. 感恩節浸禮將於11/12 下午舉行。若你已接受並相信主, 請在大堂外簽名並參加業已開始為期七次的受洗班,每主日早上 9:45 上課, 授課老師 : 鍾琪玲姐妹。

The Thanksgiving baptism will be held on Sunday afternoon of Nov 12. If you have accepted Jesus as your Savior, and desire to be baptized, please sign up at the info table and attend the 7-session baptismal class at 9:45 a.m. taught by Sister Cathy Lee.

6. 每周六於早上 10:30-12:00, 在真道樓地下禮堂, 由商傳奇, 張哲弟兄教導基本樂理(歌譜閱讀) 、聲樂及詩班獻唱技巧。歡迎有興趣的弟兄姊姊參加。

Every Saturday at 10:30 a.m. – 12:00 noon, Bros. Chuanchi Shang and Zhe Zhang will conduct a basic music class (music reading), voice training and choral singing. Logos Building, G/F pulpit. All are welcome.