Chinese Christian Church of Baltimore

Enlarge your tent, expand your boundaries (Isaiah 54:1-3)

Chinese Christian Church of Baltimore - Enlarge your tent, expand your boundaries (Isaiah 54:1-3)

Chinese Ministries

1. 明天中午(3/20 星期一)宣教士鄧美寶及她的先生Gary Meade在真糧團契分享他們在台灣向客家人傳福音的事工。歡迎參加。
Tomorrow True Bread Fellowship will have its meeting at noon featuring sharing from Mabel and Gary Meade, missionaries to the Hakka in Taiwan.

1. 感謝神,今年培靈會將於週五至主日 (3/24-26) 由張德健長老講“聖靈的果子 愛的禮讚 ”。請大家預留這日期並為自己及邀請的朋友禱告,詳情請看海報。
During Fri-Sun, March 24-26, a series of revival meetings will be held on the topic of “The Fruit of the Spirit: In Praise of Love.” The speaker is Elder Der-Chen Chang. Please mark these dates and invite others to come. See the insert for details.

2. 關於四月初教會的彩照通訊錄,請大家繼續在網上選定時間; 拍照時間:4/1 (11AM-6PM), 4/2 (1-6PM), 4/7 (2PM-9PM), 4/8 (11AM-6PM) 和4/9 (1-6PM)。凡參加的家庭贈送免費照片和教會彩照通訊錄。照相期間我們需要幾位義工來安排招待照相秩序,感興趣者請與Moses Yee ( 或王崇營 ( 聯絡。
We are looking for a few volunteers to host the picture directory sessions in April. Hosts will register families and verify their information on the day of the photo session. Those interested can contact Moses Yee at There will be a Host briefing meeting on 3/19 during lunch.

3. 吳秀群, 伍素瑩, 彭獻身, 余國遠, 陳文銘, 陳羨恩, Tammy Chow (加州), 朱美麗,Shane Li和郭宇卿等十位弟兄姊妹將於7/6-7/22前往中亞短宣。請為他們的身
心靈與經費預備禱告(每人需費用約$1,600)。若你願意金錢贊助,支票抬頭為 CCCB,備註處註明“Kyrgyzstan STM” 短宣(根據美國稅法,奉獻不能指定給個人)。
*The 2017 Short-Term Mission (STM) Team to Central Asia 7/6-7/22 will include Deborah Ing, Joani Eng, Victor Peng, Moses Yee, Andrew Chan, Esther Chan, Tammy Chow (from CA), Julie Tofilon, Shane Li and Jennifer Kuo. Please pray for their preparation and financial needs ($1600 per person). If the Lord moves you to contribute financially, please make your checks payable to CCCB and note “Kyrgyzstan STM” on the memo line. All tax deductible funds raised will be shared equally among the team members.

4. 復活節浸禮將於4/16 聯合崇拜後舉行。若你已接受耶穌為救主,請在大堂外簽名並參加業已開始每主日 9:45 a.m. 在真道樓219室的受洗班,授課老師是鍾琪玲姐妹 。
* If you have recently accepted Jesus as your Savior, and desire to be baptized on Easter Sunday (4/16), please sign up at the info table and attend the seven-session baptismal classes at 9:45 a.m., in Room 219, led by Sis. Cathy Lee.