Chinese Christian Church of Baltimore

Enlarge your tent, expand your boundaries (Isaiah 54:1-3)

Chinese Christian Church of Baltimore - Enlarge your tent, expand your boundaries (Isaiah 54:1-3)

中文部報告事項 8-12-2018

1. 有負擔參與2018 翰霍普金斯大暑期新生接服侍的弟兄姐妹, 請聯繫姚國芳姐妹(410-627-0705),韋亞東弟兄(443-564-7823)或薛萍姐妹(240-274-6107)。

Sisters and brothers who have burden to pick up the new students of Johns Hopkins University from airports this summer, please contact sister Brenda Moy at 410-627-0705, brother Yadong Wei at 443-564-7823 or sister Ping Xue at 240-274-6107.

2. 經執事會商定,為了幫助華人新學生,鼓勵弟兄姐妹把家裡不需要或多餘的廚房炊具和小傢具,清洗後帶到教會,儲存在辦公樓的地下室,我們將定期向學生免費分發。如果有半新的床墊,請在大廳團契欄登記,我們將幫助直接搬運給有需要的學生。協助聯繫人: 王崇營,宋培林。

Our church encourages all members to donate their extra/used kitchen utensils and small furniture to church, and store them at Manson basement. We will distribute to students periodically. If you need help, please contact John Wang or Peilin Song.

3. 今年在我們教會的退修將於八月十七日(週五)晚上五點開始,大會講員陳翔牧師 “在基督裏分享基督”的主題下,分別講四堂信息,教會也安排各種活動並提供週五週六的飲食,求 神通過這次活動復興我們的靈命。每人僅收註冊費$10.00, 老人和少年每人$5.00, 幼兒免費,歡迎大家在大堂外廳踴躍報名。協調人:史國利弟兄和周杰姊妹。

Church retreat will be on 8/17(Friday) at 5pm, Pastor Chen Xiang will share the subject of “Sharing Christ in Christ”. There will be four sermons, four meals, and a few activities. $10.00 per person registration fee, $5.00 each for senior and kids. Welcome all to register now outside sanctuary.  Contacts: Guoli Shi, Jie Zhou.

4. 迎新音樂晚會於8月25日7:30pm 舉行,從台灣來的原住兒青少年合唱團將演唱福音詩歌及民謠。口足畫家楊恩典首次親臨作見證,歡迎邀請朋友參加,共享主恩。免費入場。

New Student Welcome Music Night will be held on 8/25 at 7:30pm. Gospel and folk songs will be performed by the Aboriginal Youth Choir from Taiwan. Mouth-and-foot painter Grace Young will present her testimony. Please invite your friends to come and share God’s grace. Free admission.

5. 為歡慶本教會第四十六週年,我們將於8/26早上10:30有聯合感恩禮拜。早堂9:30的英文崇拜及英文主日學取消。歡迎大家一起來向 神獻上感恩並共享主恩。

The 46th CCCB Anniversary Service will be held on 8/26. It will be a Combined Service starting at 10.30AM. Please note that there will not be a 9.30AM service and English Sunday School is also cancelled. Please join us as we celebrate the Lord’s faithfulness in leading our church for 46 years.

 6. AWANA Clubs 將於9/7/18五晚開始,請家長們重視這關於子女靈命上、心智上健康成長的機會,好讓孩子們從小就認識 神、敬畏 神及愛 神。歡迎報名參加。詳情請與沈師母聯繫。電話:410-2740890。

Awana Clubs will begin on Friday 9/7/18. Parents are invited to pay attention to this opportunity for their children to be spiritually healthy and grow up. Children will know God and fear God and love God from an early age. Welcome to sign up. For details, please contact Mrs. Shen at 410-2740890.

7. 廁所重修工程第一期 女洗手間在進行中,施工期間,請儘量約束你家小孩不要進入工地,以策安全。

The first phase of the Restroom Remodeling Project – Women’s restroom, is in progress. For safety reasons, please help us to ensure that children do not enter or play in the construction area.