Chinese Christian Church of Baltimore

Enlarge your tent, expand your boundaries (Isaiah 54:1-3)

Chinese Christian Church of Baltimore - Enlarge your tent, expand your boundaries (Isaiah 54:1-3)

10-21-2018 中文堂報告

報告事項  News and Announcements

1. 我們敬愛的李獻真姊妹,也是大家的李阿姨已在10月11日晚7:55分安息主懷。為她歡慶人生的禮拜已於10月19日舉行。求 神安慰並扶持她的家屬及朋友。

Our beloved sister May Li, also called Auntie May by many brothers and sisters, has completed her duty on earth and rested in the Lord’s arms at 7:55 pm on October 11th. Her Celebration of Life service was on Friday, October 19th. May the Lord comfort all of her relatives and friends.

2. 教會必須在四週前通告所有會員關於我們即將舉行的年度會員大會。會議將於11月18日在中文崇拜後立即舉行。英文堂會眾將在12:30到主堂加入中文堂會眾。將對下列事項進行表決: 2019年預算和2019年執事選舉。

CCCB is required to give 4 weeks’ notice to all our members about our upcoming Annual Congregational meeting. The meeting will be held on November 18th, immediately after the Chinese Service. The English congregation will join the Chinese congregation at 12:30PM in the Sanctuary. The following items will be voted on: the 2019 budget and the election of deacons for 2019.

3. 教會於1027週六下午7點在真道樓有一個雕刻南瓜的活動 – 非常鼓勵父母們帶他們的孩子一起參加這個適合家庭式的活動。每個家庭至少帶一個中型 (約12磅) 的南瓜來參與。 在 Aldi、沃爾瑪或附近南瓜農庄都可以買到價格便宜的南瓜。雕刻工具將由教會提供並備有蘋果汁和點心。我們需要準確的計數, 所以如果你的家人會參加請電郵給Tim Kwong 弟兄 (。

CCCB will be hosting a Pumpkin Carving event on Saturday, Oct 27 @ 7PM at the LOGOS building. Parents are highly encouraged to participate with their children in this FAMILY-oriented activity. Each family should bring at least one medium-sized pumpkin (~12lbs) to this event.  Pumpkins can be purchased for cheap at Aldi, Walmart or local pumpkin patches. Carving tools will be provided by CCCB and apple cider and treats will be served. We need an accurate count, so please email Bro. Tim Kwong ( if your family will participate.

4. 聖誕節兒童禮物行動已經開始了!  請來裝滿作為給孩子們耶誕禮物的鞋盒, 讓耶穌的福音在世界各地被分享。分享上帝的愛和那最偉大的禮物! 從即日起到11月11日止鞋盒會在巴城教會收集。 有關詳細資訊, 請參閱在真道樓的專用桌上。

Operation Christmas Child has begun! Pack shoe boxes with Christmas gifts for children, and the gospel of Jesus is shared around the world. Help share God’s love and the greatest gift! Boxes are collected at CCCB from now until November 11. For more information, see the table in the Logos Building.

5. 講一口漂亮的英語— 和靄又有耐心、有經驗的老師,幫助你/妳在小組會話中增進英語的流暢、聽力、發音、詞彙和語法。初級和中級班每星期日下午1:45 在真道樓216和218教室舉行。不需要註冊。費用: 只有書本費。不妨來上上課,談一談,快樂的學習如何說英語。

Speaking Beautiful English — Improve your fluency, listening, pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar in small conversational groups with friendly, patient, and experienced teachers. Beginner and intermediate classes meet every Sunday at 1:45 PM in Logos rooms 216 and 218. No registration required. COST: Only the book. Just come, talk, and have fun learning how to SPEAK the language.

6. 下一次浸禮將於 11/25 下午舉行。若你已接受並相信主,請在大堂外簽名並參加9/30開始為期七次的受洗班,每主日 9:45a.m.上課,授課老師 : 鍾琪玲姐妹。

The next Baptism will be held on Sunday afternoon of 11/25. If you have accepted Jesus as your Savior, and desire to be baptized, please sign up at the info table and attend the 7-session baptismal class starting 9/30/2018 at 9:45 a.m. taught by Sister Cathy Lee.