Chinese Christian Church of Baltimore

Enlarge your tent, expand your boundaries (Isaiah 54:1-3)

Chinese Christian Church of Baltimore - Enlarge your tent, expand your boundaries (Isaiah 54:1-3)

中文堂報告 9-23-2018

報告事項  News and Announcements

1. 下週主日(9/30)講員方師正Samuel Fang牧師,他與師母育有二男孩,及一個從中國孤兒院領養的女兒。30年來在亞洲、中美洲及非洲不同國家帶領宣教事工。

Our guest speaker for the next Sunday service will be Rev. Samuel Fang who has two boys and one adopted daughter from China. He has served as a missionary in Asia, Central America and Africa for 30 years.

 2. 教會會員陳進溢弟兄,在今年大學畢業後已經決定從8月起、參與在馬里蘭大學《大專基督徒團契》的校園事工一年;目前他正向教會、個人與其他教會募款。如願意個人捐助,請將支票郵寄﹕InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, PO Box 7895 Madison, WI 53707-7895. 支票備註: Samuel Chan – University of Maryland, College Park.

Sam Chan, a member of CCCB, has decided to take part in a year of InterVarsity campus ministry at the University of Maryland from August, right after graduating from the university this year. He is currently raising funds from CCCB, individuals and other churches. For personal donation, please mail the check to:

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship PO Box 7895 Madison, WI 53707-7895. With Memo as: Samuel Chan – University of Maryland, College Park.

 3. 新女廁已正式啟用。舊的男女廁所已關閉。新男廁施工期間,請家長管促小孩子不要進入工地,以策安全。弟兄們請使用真道樓樓上男廁。若有需要,可使用電梯。

The new ladies restroom is now available across from the kitchen. The old women’s and men’s are closed. For safety reasons, please help us to ensure that children do not enter the construction area.  Men, please use the upstairs restroom in the Logos building until the new one is finished by mid–September. Follow the signs and enjoy the hiking exercise. It’s good for you. Elevators are available if needed.

4. Awana 事工研討 (兒童和青年事工) 培訓會將於2018年9月29日星期六在馬里蘭州Bowie舉行。會埸於早上八點半開放, 活動從上午9:00至下午4:00。 這是每年一度的大型會議, 將激勵, 感動你, 很可能改變你對此事工的看見。共有五十多個講習單元,對兒童及青年事工是個絕佳的培訓機會。詳情請聯繫于楠或辜楝樑。

Awana Ministry Conference (for Children and Youth Ministry) Training is on Saturday 9/29 in Bowie, MD.  Doors open at 8:30am and starts at 9:00am till 4:00 pm.  This is the BIG Conference held once a year, that will motivate you, inspire you, and may change the way you look at your ministry.  This is good training for children and youth ministry with over 50 workshops. Contact Nan Yun, Daniel Ku for more information.

5. “萬國敬拜讚美”將於十月七日下午2:30-5:00在菲律賓教會的River of Life International Church 舉行。會中將有不同國籍的福音教會一起歌頌,禱告、敬拜讚美神。耶穌禱告說;“使他們都合而為一,像父袮在我裡面,我在袮裡面一樣”(約17:21)會後有茶點。請帶朋友來。

All Nations Worship Celebration Oct 7th 2018 at the River Of Life International Church in White Marsh from 2:00pm -5:00pm. Jesus prayed that, “that they may all be one, just as you, Father, are in me… (John 17:21)  Reach out to others from different churches. Worship, pray, and enjoy the ethnic snacks. See you there!  Bring a friend!

6. 下一次浸禮將於 11/25 下午舉行。若你已接受並相信主,請在大堂外簽名並參加9/30開始為期七次的受洗班,每主日 9:45a.m.上課,授課老師 : 鍾琪玲姐妹。

The next baptism will be held on Sunday afternoon of 11/25. If you have accepted Jesus as your Savior, and desire to be baptized, please sign up at the info table and attend the 7-session baptismal class starting 9/30/2018 at 9:45 a.m. taught by sister Cathy Lee.